Standard 10 EdTech: Living in a Digital World

In a digital world where parents, students, and present and future employers have ready access to online profiles and postings of educators, exercising good judgment entails both forethought and maintenance. Taking precautionary actions that limit the visibility and accessibility of online networking personas is wise, and any content should considered as a permanent record of […]

The Potential Genius of Written Response Assessments

As a language arts teacher, written response assessments are the bread and butter of my curriculum. I enjoy the challenge of crafting a succinct yet sufficiently explanatory prompt that teases even the most difficult to motivate students to action with essays brimming with evidence of critical and passionate thinking. Last year, one of my most […]

The Potentials of Selected Response Assessment

I now see that selected response assessments can play an important and valuable role in developing assessment for learning strategies, even in a language arts classroom. It’s not that I wasn’t using selected response assessments in the past. Indeed, I regularly assessed vocabulary acquisition using matching and occasionally evaluated reading comprehension using multiple-choice questions, though […]

Professional Aspirations

I’ve taught four different subjects on four different continents; working as an international educator can be a transitory experience! It requires flexibility coupled with the ability to quickly fine-tune curriculum to meet established educational standards with an eye to cultural relativity and sensitivity. Until I enter my classroom shortly before students arrive, I never know […]

New Ways of Thinking About Achievement and Grading

I feel as if the ground has shifted beneath my feet. As I read through chapters two and three of O’Connor’s How to Grade for Learning, K-12, I was hit with an epiphany; I had been using grades to punish and/or reward my students, not to communicate their achievement of process and product goals in […]

Considering Learning Targets to Ensure Standards-Based Assessment

Part and parcel to creating clear learning targets for students is ensuring that there is a well-defined link between learning targets and the assessment of student achievement. When assessment doesn’t have a strong grounding in the taught curriculum, students can experience confusion and frustration as they spend weeks working their way through a swath of […]

The Beginning of a Journey

Educators are like most people. Just like the plumber who understands the delicate intricacies of piping, drains and traps that transform a house into a sanitary environment, educators have areas of their practice where they feel the utmost confidence and ease. Administrators, colleagues and parents recognize their innate ability in this area of expertise; they […]