Standard 10 EdTech: Living in a Digital World

In a digital world where parents, students, and present and future employers have ready access to online profiles and postings of educators, exercising good judgment entails both forethought and maintenance. Taking precautionary actions that limit the visibility and accessibility of online networking personas is wise, and any content should considered as a permanent record of one’s thinking. Considerations of with whom one interacts online is similarly important; caution should be exercised before “friend-ing” students and parents. In a similar vein, paying careful attention to netiquette is a requisite digital and social skill for all educators; digital interaction creates a permanent record that can be difficult to rectify once typed and sent. Despite these precautions, educators shouldn’t be paranoid. Instead, maintaining a positive digital presence through affiliations with professional organizations with an eye to who is reading posts, and utilizing common courtesy in digital interaction are the keys to a positive online presence.


One thought on “Standard 10 EdTech: Living in a Digital World

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