Who is This? “Mail Carrier”: Making Meaning

One of the approaches to learning that I have discovered works for me is finding the meaning in what I’m learning. Why is what I’m learning important to my teaching, personal life, relationships, and the how it effects the world? I am a motivated learner because I am seeking meaning, and the pursuit of that […]

Potato, Potahto

Things have come to a pretty pass, Our romance is growing flat, For you like this and the other While I go for this and that. Goodness knows what the end will be, Oh, I don’t know where I’m at… It looks as if we two will never be one, Something must be done.   […]

The Child as Scholar

“Teachers deprecate their office when they do the work of learning for the child by preparing lessons that have been diluted, predigested, and are void of thought… meals of sawdust. The work of the teacher is secured in preparing lessons with ‘prophetic power of appeal and inspiration.’ The communion develops from mind to mind, and […]

Tools of the Trade

  “In teaching as in carpentry, the selection of tools depends on the task at hand and the materials one is working with” (How People Learn: Bridging Research and Practice, 1999, p. 18-19). Device for doing work, a means to an end, something used for a job- instrument, implement, device, means, utensil, apparatus, contrivance, and […]


Is teaching an ART or a SCIENCE? This was the rhetorical (but I’ll answer it here) question posed by Dr. Williams during her weekly Podcast (accessed 1/12/12). While seemingly simple on the surface, it’s really a much more complex question that I originally anticipated.  As a compliant learner, I dutifully paused the podcast to jot […]

Mirror, Mirror

  I find that I have a tendency to be fairly pragmatic in my approach to life both in the realm of being an educator and my personal pursuits. I frame information and situations within a practical lens; what can I accomplish today to move myself forward? How can I practically and efficiently apply the […]