The Role of Phonemes in Dyslexia

In our human development class, we were asked to choose a chapter to read and present to the rest of the class; partners could sign-up for one of five options. I chose chapter 16 Why Some Smart People Can’t Read because I am primarily a middle school language arts/social studies teacher; since I hadn’t read any of the chapters, this one stood-out in my mind as probably being a useful practical application of brain-based research. I like that we used a jigsaw instructional strategy to teach each other the content of each chapter; divide and conquer is always a great strategy! I find it instructive to work with a fellow student and professional; my partner (Darryl Sumida) brought some relevant and interesting outside research and ideas into our project that took it from a mere recitation of the chapter reading to what can be an excellent resource for the rest of the class. We chose to construct a PowerPoint; although both of us expressed interest in using a more unique presentation application, neither of us we quite sure of a suitable alternative so decided to go with what we knew. The results of my newly found awareness of the underlying causes of dyslexia will most definitely inform my practice, I too subscribed to the misconception that dyslexia was caused by a visual impairment. As an international educator, I will be able to draw on this information in the future to help inform my colleagues given this newly understood phonologic role in dyslexia so that we can engage in targeted work to help students (with dyslexia) compensate.



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