Never Say Never Again

Not ever Not once On no occasion At no time… Never. Never in the wildest dreams of my “possible self” did I imagine me as a school principal. Though I felt the time was right to begin the transition into a more focused leadership role, I was quite content to take the safe route of […]

Theory into Practice: Building Confidence Through Doing

“Education is a people business”. There has been numerous times over the past four years that I’ve heard my husband utter this simple truth when explaining his most fundamental role as an administrator; whether interacting with teachers, support staff, Board members, students or parents, establishing a productive and foundational relationship is key. I’ve always nodded […]

Gaining a New Perspective in a Foreign Land

I had no idea. I mean, I knew that administrators put in long hours, working under a heavy stress load to ensure that good things are happening for kids. But truly, I had no comprehension of the level or type of stress that is inherent with juggling multiple projects simultaneously, dealing with a demanding Board […]