Collaboration Through Peer Review

I have to admit that I’ve never been fond of peer reviewing other students’ projects; it’s time consuming, tedious and distracts me from focusing on my own work. When I receive peer feedback, the comments oftentimes lacked depth and a critical eye for assignment detail. At least, I use to feel this way about peer […]

Community Involvement in School Improvement Plans

Involving parents in positive ways in our school is heavy on my mind this week; I am in charge of coordinating stakeholder participation in my school’s three-day strategic planning session happening the end of this month. Working with my Head of School, we created a list of target parent voices that I asked to represent […]

The Role of Collegiality in School Improvement and Teacher Professionalization

The importance of nurturing collegial relationships in education is becoming increasingly clear to me. In chapter 11 of Professional Development: What Works (Zepeda, 2012) the idea of learning circles as a professional development model is introduced. According to Zepeda (2012) learning circles are a structured process where educators share in a common interest and commitment to a […]

Getting in the Way

As an aspiring principal I like to approach thinking about professional development from the perspective of an administrator, asking questions such as which research-based approaches would I develop with my (future) staff and why; what would my role be given various approaches (coach, participant, hands-off); and how could I best support the development of teachers […]