Standard 10 MetaReflection: Technology

Standard 10 Technology: Integrates current technology into instruction and professional communication/collaboration activities where appropriate. Before I began the Curriculum and Instruction program, I took an online six-credit Web 2.0 class; this was my first introduction to online learning and I was nervous that I would find the online environment difficult to navigate without direct instructor […]

Standard 9 Meta-reflection: Cultural Sensitivity [EDU 6525 Culturally Responsive Teaching]

Standard 9 Cultural Sensitivity: Establishes a culturally inclusive learning climate that facilitates academic engagement and success for all students. This class proved to be one of the more challenging of my M. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction program, not because of any inherent difficulty with my understanding of content or concepts but due more to […]

Standard 12 Meta-Reflection: Professional Citizenship [EDU 6120 American Education: Past and Present; EDU 6085 Moral Education]

Standard 12 Professional citizenship Willingly engages in dialogue that transcends the individual classroom, taking informed, coherent positions on important matters of educational policy and practice. There are two courses that provided me the opportunity to stretch my thinking about education beyond the four walls of my classroom; Moral Education and American Education: Past and Present. […]