About My Portfolio

My digital portfolio offers an individualized yet public space to document and warehouse artifacts, reflective thought and evidence of my learning in the Curriculum and Instruction (C & I) program of study. This benefits me as as learner; I am challenged to maintain a high degree of quality and integrity in my postings knowing that my thoughts and artifacts are open to celebration (or criticism) on the web. My sense of professionalism is sure to be heightened recognizing that professors, fellow students, potential employers and any else who care to look have access to my portfolio.

Additionally, in a climate where the relevancy and effectiveness of US education is debated nightly on news programs and talk shows, it is paramount that education evolves to meet the needs of an increasingly technologically sophisticated population. Our practice must be innovative as we move from users of technology towards integrators. We often talk about students being ‘digital natives’ yet it is still up to educators to guide and develop students as they too learn effective and safe ways to develop their online presence. Teaching is at its’ best when we model expected learner dispositions and attributes; creating and sharing my digital portfolio is a step in the direction of relevancy and transparency.

My portfolio is sure to evolve over the course of the program as I grow as an educator, yet fundamental components will remain the same; artifacts, self assessments, and reflections will make up the bulk of materials. As I make my way through the C & I program, I will have an opportunity to grapple with each of the twelve standards that make up this program, developing a sophistication of understanding as I gain insight and experience. Be sure to check back.


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