Standard 10 MetaReflection: Technology

Standard 10 Technology: Integrates current technology into instruction and professional communication/collaboration activities where appropriate. Before I began the Curriculum and Instruction program, I took an online six-credit Web 2.0 class; this was my first introduction to online learning and I was nervous that I would find the online environment difficult to navigate without direct instructor […]

Standard 10 EdTech: Living in a Digital World

In a digital world where parents, students, and present and future employers have ready access to online profiles and postings of educators, exercising good judgment entails both forethought and maintenance. Taking precautionary actions that limit the visibility and accessibility of online networking personas is wise, and any content should considered as a permanent record of […]

Professional Aspirations

I’ve taught four different subjects on four different continents; working as an international educator can be a transitory experience! It requires flexibility coupled with the ability to quickly fine-tune curriculum to meet established educational standards with an eye to cultural relativity and sensitivity. Until I enter my classroom shortly before students arrive, I never know […]