Standard 5 Meta-reflection: Assessment [EDU 6613 Standards-based Assessment]

Standard 5 Assessment Assesses students’ mastery of curriculum and modifies instruction to maximize learning.  Beginning at the End When I initially went through the process of putting to paper a plan for my two-year Curriculum and Instruction program at Seattle Pacific University (SPU), I was cognizant of the order that I would take classes in. […]

The Potential Genius of Written Response Assessments

As a language arts teacher, written response assessments are the bread and butter of my curriculum. I enjoy the challenge of crafting a succinct yet sufficiently explanatory prompt that teases even the most difficult to motivate students to action with essays brimming with evidence of critical and passionate thinking. Last year, one of my most […]

The Beginning of a Journey

Educators are like most people. Just like the plumber who understands the delicate intricacies of piping, drains and traps that transform a house into a sanitary environment, educators have areas of their practice where they feel the utmost confidence and ease. Administrators, colleagues and parents recognize their innate ability in this area of expertise; they […]