Instructional Strategy Implementation #2: Cooperative Learning (Jigsaw)

Cooperative Learning- Jigsaw Despite being one of the most theoretically grounded (Dean, Hubbell, Pitler & Stone, 2012) and widely used (Dell’Olio & Donk, 2007) instructional strategies, cooperative learning is susceptible to misuse and overuse, potentially undermining the potential benefits of this highly effective instructional strategy. According to Dean et al., (2012) there seems to be […]

Instructional Strategy #1: Advance Organizer

Advanced Organizers Advance Organizers help students see the big picture of a content area at a high level of abstraction before honing in on specific content; it is an introduction, not a detailed summary of the following lesson. Advance organizers help students learn a large amount of material. Teachers prepare for advance organizers by considering […]