Standard 6 & 7 Metareflection: Communication & Collaboration [EDU 6600: Communication and Collaboration]

Standard 6 Communication: Communicates regularly and effectively with colleagues, parents, and students through a variety of mediums.  Standard 7 Collaboration: Cooperates with other professionals to bridge gaps between schools and community and between departments/disciplines within schools.   Learning about teacher leadership through EDU 6600: Communication and Collaboration has provided me the theoretical background from which […]

The Role of Collegiality in School Improvement and Teacher Professionalization

The importance of nurturing collegial relationships in education is becoming increasingly clear to me. In chapter 11 of Professional Development: What Works (Zepeda, 2012) the idea of learning circles as a professional development model is introduced. According to Zepeda (2012) learning circles are a structured process where educators share in a common interest and commitment to a […]

Trust in the Process, Resources & Time

“I still need a formal introductory training for Atlas. In other words, an organized and thorough explanation and demonstration of what it is and how it works. Will the Q and A be productive for me? I’m afraid it is geared more toward people who are already trained and using Atlas to address issues that […]

Enjoying the Ride: Attending to the Needs of Adult Learners in Professional Development

“All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education.” Sir Walter Scott As a learner, I appreciate when theory intersects with practice, especially my own. I’ve been devouring the reading in Zepeda (2012) this week about professional learning, but what has especially caught my eye is chapter […]

Moving Away from Professional-Immolation: Can Teacher Leadership Professionalize Education?

What is the ultimate goal of teacher leadership? According to Hilty (2012), the aim of teacher leadership is really pretty straightforward; the goal is attained when student outcomes are improved: “Being effective necessarily means that everyone in a school participates in the decision-making process and is accountable for student achievement” (p. 125). It seems simple […]

Standard 1 and Standard 3 Meta-reflection: Instructional Planning & Curriculum [Leadership in Applied Curriculum: Independent Study]

Standard 1 Instructional Planning Designs and monitors long and short-term plans for students’ academic success.  Standard 3 Curriculum Provides knowledge and skills that bring academic subjects to life and are aligned with state content standards. There is much work to be done in schools in general but especially in schools that are undergoing a great […]

Tools of the Trade

  “In teaching as in carpentry, the selection of tools depends on the task at hand and the materials one is working with” (How People Learn: Bridging Research and Practice, 1999, p. 18-19). Device for doing work, a means to an end, something used for a job- instrument, implement, device, means, utensil, apparatus, contrivance, and […]